Contacting the authors

Comic Style

For all things comic related (props, flames, etc.), both of the authors (that's us!) can be reached at our gmail account; we share the account jointly. But just to make things a little easier on us in case things get cluttered, we ask that you put either "Props" or "Flames" in the subject of the email so we know which ones to ignore. I mean read... and for random chatter not necessarily related to the comic (or somehow related), stick "Chatter" in the header so that'll be filtered out for us, too.

Business Style

For everything website-related, or also business-related if you want to, say, make a guest comic or use the likenesses of any of the characters for some kind of profitable business venture, put "Site" in the header and we'll jump on it like a pair of crazed voles.

Note, we don't ask you to do these things to make it harder on you, just so that it's easier on us if our inbox gets flooded with emails... it can be pretty hard to sift through things when they aren't sorted out, and that'd only cause delays for people who need a really quick response, like business-related emails. You never know when someone's gonna sue you, after all...

Informal Style

Of course, if you really wanna annoy the fuck out of us (or Philip), you can reach Philip at his AIM address: Lestat3675. Be sure to IM him when he's at work and then sign off real quick for maximum annoyance effect. -_^

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