Birthday art [by us]

Birthday art for Robin Dempsey of Shades of Grey.
Birthday The Robin 2006! Cake sold separately.
Jon Stelter birthday "present" 2007. Hazardous to the boyfriend's health.
Cheeko level up! Age +1!

Guest comics

Draw by us, for others.

A little piece once done for the comic Konsekai: Swordwaltzer.
The first of many guest comics/fan arts for Shades of Grey.
Parody fanart/combination guest comic made for Undead Friend, of one of the pages.
Guest comic made for Newscast.
Guest comic made for One Question/DaMaR featuring CHEEKO the MAGNIFICENT!
Guest comic made for Vinci and Arty, guest starring yours truly Kev and Philip himself.
Guest comic made for Cheeko's DaMaR comic, for Halloween.
Guest comic made for Fletcher's Apartments, guest starring Animus.
Guest comic part deuce... again guest starring Animus.
Guest comic part the third... continuing the adventures of our heroes into the lair of... something.
Guest comic parte cuatro... boobs not sold separately.
Guest comic mini-series for One Question. Part artistic experiment, part philosophical treatise (in graphical form), this one tries to be a lot at once. I think I succeeded. [Kevin]
An extended contest entry for Shades of Grey: Volume One. This is the final version, and while it didn't win, I feel like it's a strong enough piece to warrant inclusion in the archives here.
A parody of a page from One Question.

Drawn by others, for us.

Nothing here yet. Come back when we're popular. Or something.

Fan art

Made by others, for us

First fan art in the history of the comic, by awesometastic artist Neil Polenske, who quite frankly surprised me with it. :p Thanks, dude!
Fan art by the totally awesome Cheeko, featuring moi and Philip.
Fan art by the equally awesome Hikaroo... fanservice for the masses!

Made by us, for others

The infamous Shades of Grey spoof pages.
Fan art of Nienna from Newscast.
Fan art of Ranu of One Question, entered into a fanart contest.
Fan art of Arkaine, the Angel of Death, from Crowfeathers.
Fan art for Jack, but using a character from Charlie.
Same here.
And here, too.
Dripball parts one and two.
The first fan art/guest comic I made for Jack.
Stick Figure Action Heroes!
Happy Jackoween, everyone.
Deck the Halls...
Looks lahk Robin trahd ta russle up tha Dustbunneh Gang.
Fan art of Bill, from Fletcher's Apartments.
Jon Stelter, slayer of finals.


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