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January 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008


December's RCC raised $35.00 for The V Foundation... a surprising entrant considering we've been dealing mostly with Child's Play. =p

This brings our 2007 total to $318.00 for all the charities we've donated to... by order of month:

  • January: $25.00 for Child's Play
  • February: $20.00 for Red Cross
  • March: $20.00 for Child's Play
  • April: $ 25.00 for Red Cross
  • May: $25.00 for Child's Play
  • July: $27.00 for Red Cross
  • August: $41.00 for Child's Play
  • September: $33.00 for Child's Play
  • October: $36.00 for Child's Play
  • November: $31.00 for Child's Play
  • December: $35.00 for The V Foundation

And now, totals for each one: $211.00 for Child's Play, $72.00 for Red Cross, and $35.00 for Red Cross. Thanks muchly for making 2007 a (relative) success. =D

But now for the bad news: I'm going to have to discontinue RCC for the new year... at least, certainly for the time being. Perhaps it'll return in a different form later on, or we'll try some different form of charity drive, but, as you can see, I've been horrible at keeping it up-to-date. =/ I just can't keep up with the work related to it as well as I used to... so effective this month, no more RCC.

Still looking for artists, though, so please help spread the word. D: We want to keep this thing going as much as you do, we've both just become swamped with real-life work lately...


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